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It should not be delayed when water damage occures. Mitigation, while waiting for an insurance or representative to arrive on the scene can evaluate the loss/damage. By that time, in all probabilities, enough time will have passed to grow and amplify microorganisms (which may not be covered by insurance). Our emergency service specialists at Water Damage Restoration in New York City stop water damage on walls, ceilings, carpets, wood floors and minimize structural damage to your property. We also have experts that can extract water, remove water-damaged materials, dry, dehumidify, deodorize, and disinfect all areas flooded or damaged by water whether in your home or office.

The most common cause of water damage is from a burst pipe. A burst pipe can be sinister in nature. Often times the when a pipe is ruptured it is not known until it has completely ruptured and caused a flood. This flood can lead to property damage, a stunt in schedule and loss of money.

Water damage due to burst pipe happens in several places in the home or business.

  • Water Extraction
  • Water Removal
  • Water Damage Repair
  • Disinfecting Services
  • Dehumidify & Deodorize
  • Overall Logistics

The Bathroom:

The Bathroom is the location in the home or business that has high foot traffic. It’s imperative that the bathroom is well equipped with systems that up to date for regular use. With drains connecting three avenues(The toilet, sink, and bath), a burst pipe can be disastrous and time-consuming to fix.

If it’s the sewage line in the bathroom, then it’s imperative to remove contaminated property and call Water Damage Restoration. Sewage water holds bacteria that can be very harmful. Sewage water also has an unpleasant smell that can affect the surrounding areas. That’s putting a damper on your life or business!

If it’s the bath or sink. Stop the faucet water from flowing and get a mop, rag, and anything that can be used to soak up the water before it seeps into the walls.

The Kitchen:

Just like the bathroom, the kitchen can have a drainage system connected to multiple things. The sink, dishwasher or the refrigerator.

If it’s the sink, you want to stop the water from flowing by turning it off. Usually, sink problems in the kitchen have to do with food particles falling in the drain system. If you notice water going down slowly, it’s probably time to clean out the pipes or seek a plumber.

The dishwasher uses a lot of water during the week. This water can break out of the hose that’s connected to the pipe. Causing a flood.

Locations Affected By Water Damage:

Other areas affected by water damage are from washing machine malfunctioning. In most homes, washing machines are put into the basement. If the machine has faulty hose system it might break, or if the pressure from the pipes can also allow it to burst. When this happens it’s imperative to remove the machine and clean up as much of the flood as possible.

Cleaning up excess water with an eye for potential mold growth is imperative for thorough cleaning, and promotes safety around the flood zone.

So, give us a call 888-995-1361 for any Water Damage Restoration services in New York City!