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Water Damage Restoration East Village

East Village is in the prime area of New York City. Filled with five-star restaurants, brownstone residential buildings that price range in the millions, galleries and schools. This is still an area with bountiful diversity, with rich roots in artistic pursuits.

However, just like many homes and businesses in New York City, it’s prone to water damage. Thats why we decided to expand creating water damage East Village 24/7 services!

Water Damage caused by floods is usually due to burst pipes. Pipes are the foundations of our buildings, and sometimes after persistent usage or strain on the drain system, it burst and cause a flood on the property. A burst pipe can be sinister in nature. Not showing the effects until it’s already ruptured. A flood can cause severe damage to property, changing schedules, damage business practices and potentially lose money.

Here are the top causes of Water Damage:

  • Burst Pipes: Pipes can get old and rotted over time leading to a rupture. Or when faulty equipment is used to make the pipeline, it can give out.
  • Drain backups: When heavy weighted items (toys, paper towels, sponges, etc.) go down the drain it can lead to backups or worst sewage leaks.
  • Tree/Root growth: Roots can grow erratically. And sometimes that growth happens by a pipeline and can break the drain system leading to a flood.
  • Dirty gutters: After a storm, it’s important to clean the gutters. Over time, uncleansed gutters can be weighted down and lead to leaks in the roof, which can cause a flood.
  • Household Items Malfunctions: Washers, dryers, and dishwasher can have faulty waterlines and break, leading to a flood.

When prevention is no longer an option, a restoration company is imperative to mitigate the water and save your home from potential loss.

Water Damage Restoration:

Water Damage Restoration is a fully comprehensive Restoration company that has been serving the borough of Manhattan for over 30 years. We know that water damage East Village can be stressful and heartbreaking, that’s why we are here to share the load.

Here is what we do:

  • Before every job, we investigate the moisture levels with our top of the line water sensors.
  • We build an ample plan for your restoration process and provide you with the details every step of the way.
  • We talk with your insurance company. That means we save you from a corporate headache. More time to focus on your home and life!
  • We use top of the line restoration equipment to get your home in tip-top shape in the shortest amount of time!
  • We are satisfaction guaranteed for your home or business to get back to or better in pre-damaged conditions.
  • We use mold remediation processes to eliminate growth before it even starts!

Why Choose Us?

East Village is one of the neighborhoods in lower Manhattan with a population a little over 62,000. It’s a prime artistic location that gets thousands of visitors year round. We want to keep it prime! Whenever there is a flood in your home, call us!

We are here 24/7 for your convenience. We know that floods don’t have a timetable, and neither do we!

So give us a call 888-995-1361 for any water damage East Village services anytime!

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